3000Grad062 „KARMA“ Lost Sahara EP incl. Pophop Remix

Artist: KARMAÂ
Release: 14/12/18
EAN/UPC: 4250101402272

Karmaâ strings together pearls of analogue and digital beauty, creating an intriguing thread of thoughts and emotions that straps us to his groove. The track Aisha Kandisha is built around a lively double bass and an oriental vocal sample – but it draws just as much thrust and power from the fascinating fact that only in the realm of electronic music bad can sometimes be good – listen to the badass lead synthesizer, feel it kicking your ass… and you know what this is supposed to mean. Pophop adds a moment of trippy playfulness through the skipping movement of his bassline, together with the driving hihats this tune is made to be played on a big, loud sound system. The casual Downbeat track Amarhar spreads easy-going synthetic retro vibes and makes use of some carefully hidden ethno effects. Finally Hafla Souk brings this EP to a sunny and melodic conclusion, leaving us in thoroughly positive, dreamy state of mind.


EXCLUSIV ON BEATPORT: >> https://bit.ly/2KFoGe0
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Link: https://soundcloud.com/karmaamusic