3000Grad 024 “SETH SCHWARZ” presents THE BLUE PHOENIX E.P.

Cat Nr.: 3000GRAD024
Format: Digital
Release: 01/ 06 / 2015 | WORLD WIDE
Distribution: KOMPAKT.FM


EXCLUSIV BY BEATPORT [http://btprt.dj/1EP0mKB]

A piece of Electronic Dance Music is usually described as a production. However, in the case of Seth Schwartz the word composition seems to be just much more appropriate. For many years the multi-instrumentalist dedicated his life to classical music – and that is very noticeable when listening to his highly melodic arrangements. Together with various talents from the 3000Grad environment he created an EP that draws its power from a unique feeling of multidimensional complexity. The interplay with Mollono.Bass is an ever-growing stream of escalating melodies and ecstatic filter sweeps that leaves the dance floor in blissful rapture and the DJ with the question how to keep up this extremely high level of energy. The epic soundscape of Dole & Kom provides the perfect setting for weightless violin entries, and the musical excursion with Bebetta leads through a glistening downpour of hi-hats to a mystic horizon.