Cat Nr.: 3000GRAD023
Artist: TOBY DREHER (incl. Autotune, Mollono.Bass, Turmspringer, Kollektiv Ost)
Format: Digital
Release: 18/ 05 / 2015 | WORLD WIDE
Distribution: KOMPAKT.FM


EXCLUSIV BY BEATPORT [http://btprt.dj/1ESBVfm]

All of a sudden forget your surroundings and lose control of the movements of your body, you are right Here and Now – yet far away from this world: That’s one of those magic moments frequently caused by the sound of Toby Dreher. The hypnotist of 3000Grad’s Travelling Circus delivers an EP that works like one of those classic wind-up toys, like a spring-loaded mechanism that can’t be stopped once it gets going. While the body of the listener gets caught in a maelstrom of rhythmic energy, the mind floats away on a sparkling sea of sound that unfolds between infinite modulations, cinematic melodies and a hypnotic vocal sample. Autotune give their heady heady remix a smooth and uplifting twist, Turmspringer turn the original track into an intoxicating rhythm escapade, and the minimalist elegance of Kollektiv Ost proves that functional club groove can be extremely deep and intricate.