OUT … 3000Grad 022 “UMAMI” BAJAZZO E.P.

Cat Nr.: 3000GRAD022
Artist: UMAMI (incl. Be Svendsen, Stephan Zovsky, Peng Peng Remix)
Format: Digital
Release: 27/ 04 / 2015 | WORLD WIDE
Distribution: KOMPAKT.FM


EXCLUSIV BY BEATPORT [http://bitly.com/1PQPkg7]

As the evening turns into a sea of glowing orange, the carefree warmth of a summer day seeps into the hypnotic depths of the night… that’s the sound picture which Umami created to kick-off the European open air season 2015. Between the lively grooves of their Bajazzo EP vibrates a crystal clear message: Play me under the vast openness of the sky, and play me as loud as possible! The uplifting bass frequencies of the duo from Berlin make their productions perfidiously catchy, their delicate collages of melodies and samples have a dynamic that is similar to that of the blue haze hovering above a burning incense stick. Three diverse tracks find their match in three diverse remixes: Stephan Zovsky delivers highly functional bounce between House and Dub Techno, Be Svensen stimulates the dancefloor with the outrageous drive of a modulating bass line, and Peng Peng present an extremely casual take on melodic danceability.