JPATTERSSON „Mood“ 3000Grad Special CD/LP 02

Artist: JPATTERSSON Format: CD, LP, DIGITAL Release: 03/07/20 ALL STORES: Naked feet in warm sand, a gentle breeze, a sweet taste of chocolate on the tip of your tongue – this is the moment before you jump into clear waters. JPattersson brings up eight shimmering pearls from the dubby depths of his repertoire and adds them to this chain of associations. Mood gives expression to an unquenched thirst for musical innovation and growing maturity. While the soul of JPattersson still reverberates through the frequencies of his trumpet and his voice, his third album sounds all new and different again. There are songs with clever lyrics and all the ensuing catchiness. In-between these tunes from tropical tipsiness to hypnotic depth you can hear one thing above all: musical love of detail. In consequence, it’s a wonderful album to listen to from beginning to end – and at the same time made for the dancefloor. Link: